MySQL Daemon Cannot Start

MySQL Daemon Cannot Start

Check Permissions of Files in /var/lib/mysql & /var/lib/mysql/mysql
chown mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql -R

Configuration File my.cnf Should Copied to /etc/
cp /etc/mysql/my.cnf /etc/my.cnf

Start MySQL Daemon If You are Getting Error
[ERROR] Can’t start server : Bind on unix socket: Permission denied
[ERROR] Do you already have another mysqld server running on socket: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock ?
[ERROR] Aborting

Permissions Of /var/run/mysqld
chown mysql:mysql /var/run/mysqld -R

Start MySQL Service If you Getting Errors
Fatal error: Can’t open and lock privilege tables: Table ‘’ doesn’t exist

Install Default Tables From /usr
cd /usr
mysql_install_db –user=mysql –ldata=/var/lib/mysql/

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