User Manager For Wireless & DHCP Server Radius

User Manager For Wireless & DHCP Server Radius
Radius is short for Remote Authentication Dial In User Service, is a network protocol that runs the service management Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) for centrally connected users and want to use the resource in the network.

MikroTik has a feature called UserManager radius server. UserManager that will make it easier when we want to create a network service that didistribusaikan widely, eg hotspots in cafes, malls, hotels and so on. By using this UserManager we can simply create a user account on the main router and the user account can be used or accessed from router DHCP / Wireless. Picture of the network topology that uses UserManager as the radius server.


First the settings first in the DHCP & Wireless Router as Radius Client. Go to the menu “Radius”. Check the DHCP & Wireless, because of DHCP users and wireless users will later be managed by the UserManager. In the “Address”, We Point to the IP address of the primary router running the service User Manager


Do not forget in the DHCP Server Settings
Check the option “Use Radius”.
Go to the Menu IP
DHCP Server
Tab “Servers”
Double-Click the DHCP server for Setting PropertiesDHCP_Kecil

Wireless Clients can be Managed by the UserManager
Go to the Wireless Menu
Click on the tab “Security Profiles”
Create a New Security Profiles RADIUS tab
Click the option “MAC Authentication”


Setting The Radius Client-side has been completed.
Then now we will start setting in Radius Server-side UserManager
Add Radius Client Router (Router DHCP & Wireless) on the UserManager
Go to the Web-Base Manager to Address User http://ip-router/userman

Login page will appear UserManager Web-Base
On the page that we will be setting UserManager
To add a Radius Client Router
Go to “Router”
Click “Add”


After adding a router, then create a user profile and limitation for DHCP and wireless. Suppose well limitation DHCP client / Wireless with bandwidth 256kbps for upload and download


Create a user in the UserManager with the Mac-Address DHCP Client or Wireless Username
Go to the Menu “User”
Click “Add”
Fill in the Client Mac-Address Username Profile_Kecil

DHCP client or wireless connect successfully, then the limitations that have been made in the UserManager will apply. In setting UserManager limitation, we limit the bandwidth of 256kbps. Then the router will automatically create a dynamic queue that will melimit DHCP client / Wireless are successfully connected


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