Mikogo Information

Mikogo is a freeware, cross-platform desktop sharing tool.

Mikogo is also available for Linux, in addition to the already existing Windows and Mac clients. There is also a web client but it lacks most of the Mikogo features so it can only be used for viewing.

Mikogo can be used for web conferencing, online meetings, Presentations or remote support and comes with built-in file transfer and chat features. It doesnt come with native audio conferencing but it does support it through regular phone calls. For more info, see the Mikogo audio conferencing page.

On March 11, 2009, Mikogo announced the release of its free software for the Mac.The release of the Mac version enabled Mikogo to function as a cross platform screen sharing tool.In June 2009, Macworld UK posted a review on their website and gave Mikogo an Editor’s Choice 4-Star Award, complimenting the software for its cross-platform screen sharing, features and security.

Mikogo Help


Start Chatting Session

Chat session

File Transfer

File transfer

Mikogo Settings


Mikogo Features


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