Modifying User Accounts

Modifying User Accounts :
Modifies a user account.

1) Launch Userconf
2) Choose User Accounts & Click User Accounts
3) Modify & Press Enter
4) Modify the Fields
5) Click Accept Button


Name :
usermod –> modify a user account

Usermod Command :
The usermod command lets you modify an existing user account.

Syn :

usermod [options] LOGIN

Description :
The usermod command modifies the system account files to reflect the changes that are specified on the command line.

Cmd :

usermod -d home
usermod -l home

Chfn Command :
The chfn command change the full name associated with a user account.

Cmd :

chfn user

Chsh Commands :
The chsh command change the command interpreter associated with user account.

Cmd :

chsh -s shell user

usermod options

Usermod Files :
/etc/group       –> Group account information.
/etc/gshadow   –> Secure group account information.
/etc/login.defs –> Shadow password suite configuration.
/etc/passwd     –> User account information.
/etc/shadow     –> Secure user account information.

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