Bandwidth Test Using MikroTik

Bandwidth Test Using MikroTik
Mikrotik Router also has a tool that can be used to determine how much traffic can be passed on a link or connection point. Proxy will generate traffic that will then be sent to another device via a connection line. This process is commonly called the Bandwidth test. A process consists of a test Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth test servers and test client.
All versions can be used as a RouterOS Mikrotik Bandwidth Test or Bandwidth test server client.


BTEST Server (/ tool BTEST server)
Proxy already contained Bandwidth Test Server and can be used. So enough with the default configuration can be done on the Router Mikrotik bandwidth test. gambar_1

Enabled parameter (default: yes)
used to enable bandwidth test server on the router. If the position enabled = no (disable) or not checked (uncheck) it can not be done to test the bandwidth of the router.

Authenticate (default: yes)
As the regulator granting Bandwidth test for client authentication. Authenticate: yes (check), to be able to do the bandwidth test, Bandwidth Test Client must enter a username and password as the one used to perform remote server config Router BTEST.
Authenticate: no (unchecked), Bandwidth Test Client does not need to enter your username and password to perform the bandwidth test.

Parameter Max session
Used to set limitations on how Max session / bandwidth connection test which took place simultaneously.

Bandwidth Test Tool (/ tool Bandwidth Test)
Bandwidth test server, Mikrotik Bandwidth can also be used as a test client. Mikrotik Bandwidth test as Client can be configured on the menu / tool bandwidth test. gambar_2-1

Test Parameters
Used to designate the IP address of Router bandwidth test server.

We can change the protocol to be used in a bandwidth test on the parameters of the protocol (TCP / UDP)

Used to specify the direction of traffic. There are 3 choices of direction of traffic to be generated

Upload (send)
Download (receive)
Uploading and downloading (both)

Local & Remote tx Speed
Used to determine the current transfer speed bandwidth test. Units bps (bits per second).

Username & Password
Adjust the router settings Btestserver. If the router BTEST server authentication parameters: yes then enter the username and password you use for the remote router.

IP Router Server =, tests using UDP protocol with the direction of traffic upload (send) & We trying to skip traffic with data transfer rate of 10Mbps. Fill in the Username & Password as the BTEST Server.


Bandwidth test client could also use a PC with the help of Mikrotik Btest.exe applications. This application can be used to make Windows-based PCs as client and server bandwidth test


BTEST Server on the menu / tool BTEST server session. It would appear that the information bandwidth test is in progress.


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