Database Issue with rm_newusers Table

Database Issue with rm_newusers Table
Please Follow Below Steps
Drop table rm_newusers
Create table rm_newusers
Copy & Paste rm_newusers Table Structure
Re-Start Mysql Service

Please Check the Table Weather Getting Error (or) else its working
select * from rm_newusers;

Display Details
select * from rm_newusers;
Empty set (0.03 sec)

rm_newusers Table Structure
CREATE TABLE rm_newusers (
username varchar(64) NOT NULL,
firstname varchar(50) NOT NULL,
lastname varchar(50) NOT NULL,
address varchar(100) NOT NULL,
city varchar(50) NOT NULL,
zip varchar(8) NOT NULL,
country varchar(50) NOT NULL,
state varchar(50) NOT NULL,
phone varchar(15) NOT NULL,
mobile varchar(15) NOT NULL,
email varchar(100) NOT NULL,
vatid varchar(40) NOT NULL,
srvid int(11) NOT NULL,
actcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
actcount int(11) NOT NULL,
lang varchar(30) NOT NULL,

2 thoughts on “Database Issue with rm_newusers Table

  1. Sanjeev Thapa 30 Jan 2017 / 9:22 AM

    I ve proble in this couple of 2 tables, I ve issued the command mysql check commands multiple times, but it cannot repair the tables. And sometimes it make problem in serching the user list .
    Please info me the solutions.

    (command wave and result)………….

    #mysqlcheck -u root -p radius –auto-repair

    Enter password:
    radius.nas OK
    radius.radacct OK
    radius.radcheck OK
    radius.radgroupcheck OK
    radius.radgroupreply OK
    radius.radippool OK
    radius.radpostauth OK
    radius.radreply OK
    radius.radusergroup OK
    radius.rm_actsrv OK
    radius.rm_allowedmanagers OK
    radius.rm_allowednases OK
    radius.rm_ap OK
    radius.rm_cards OK
    radius.rm_changesrv OK
    radius.rm_cmts OK
    radius.rm_colsetlistdocsis OK
    radius.rm_colsetlistradius OK
    radius.rm_colsetlistusers OK
    radius.rm_ias OK
    radius.rm_invoices OK
    radius.rm_ippools OK
    radius.rm_managers OK
    radius.rm_newusers OK
    Error : Incorrect file format ‘rm_onlinecm’
    error : Corrupt
    radius.rm_phpsess OK
    radius.rm_radacct OK
    radius.rm_services OK
    radius.rm_settings OK
    radius.rm_specperacnt OK
    radius.rm_specperbw OK
    radius.rm_syslog OK
    radius.rm_usergroups OK
    radius.rm_users OK
    Error : Incorrect file format ‘rm_wlan’
    error : Corrupt

    Repairing tables
    Error : Incorrect file format ‘rm_onlinecm’
    error : Corrupt
    Error : Incorrect file format ‘rm_wlan’
    error : Corrupt


    • kanakamedalachaitanya 28 Apr 2017 / 10:15 AM


      If have an issue with the rm_newusers table, just try to drop rm_newusers table and create rm_newusers table & restart the mysql service.
      Check weather its gettings any errors.


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