Adding a Server

Adding a Server
Click the Object ICON. Click the Add more tab, from the drop down list select the object type. Type in the Common Name, Visible Label, Asset tag and any relevant Tags. Press the Go! button to save the Object

If they are different types  Select the Object type, complete the common name, visible label and asset tag, repeat for each Object that you want to add. You can also add Tags at this point, but any tags selected will be applied to all the objects that you add. Once you have entered all the information for the Objects you want to add click the Go! button to save.

If they are the same types: In the Same type, same tags box type the Object name, press enter, type the next Object name, repeat until you have entered all the Object names. Select the Type from the drop down box, and select any required Tags. Press the Go! button under the Same type, same tags box to save

Add Server


Click the Browse Tab and you will see the object you added and that is is currently unmounted. Click the Object Name, Click the Rackspace tab, select the Rack from the left hand menu. On the right hand side you will see a diagram of the rack, tick the appropriate boxes to show where the object is in the rack. Click the save icon in the centre of the page

Add Server to Rack

add server to rack.png

Next click the properties tab, complete all the relevant information for the object and then click the hard disk icon to save. Click the IP tab, under the OS interface type the port name, then enter the ip address, select the correct option from the Connected drop down, click the plus symbol to save the information.

Click the Ports tab, type the name of the port, select the interface type, click the spade icon to the left of the link or reserve box. In the pop up box select the port on the switch that the object is using, scroll down and click the Link button to link your object to that port


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