Issue with Radius Database

Please Follow Below Steps
If you have old customer’s accounting data in database (or) else in Web Interface
Delete old customers accounting data from database in radacct

Delete old customers account data from Web Interface http://IP-address/radiusmanager/admin.php
Go to Users
Click on Find Users
Search User Name (or) Mac Address
Account Type –> Regular, MAC (or) Mikrotik Access List
Account Type –> Any
Account Status Should be –> Disabled
Usage Information Status Should be –> Unused
Should Select Group & Owner
Contract Expiry (Search Expiry Dates)
Click on Search Button



After Clicking on Search Button
Users Accounts will be displayed who are not using accounts
Should delete Old Users Accounting Data

After Clearing Old Customer’s Data
Database will be Reliable
It Won’t Hangup the Database
It Won’t Get Any Login Issue’s
It Won’t Get Database issue’s


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