Disk Space Quota

Quota :
A disk quota is a limit set by a system administrator that restricts certain aspects of file system usage on modern operating systems. The function of using disk quotas is to allocate limited disk space in a reasonable way.Disk Space Quota place limits on the amount of the disk space a User (or) Group.

1) quota.user
2) quota.group


Types of Limits :
1) Soft Limits
2) Hard Limits

Implementing Quotas :
1) Configure the kernal
2) Install quota package
3) /etc/fstab
4) Establishes quota files
5) Set quotas
6) Turn on quota checking

Installing Quota Package :
The quota package is part of the redhat linux base component and generally installed.

Cmd :

rpm -qi quota

Cmd :

rpm -uvh quota*.rpm

Resides :

1) Runs quota check on root file system
2) Runs quota check on other file system
3) Runs on quota checking

Revising /etc/fstab :
To specify that a partition supports disk quotas.

/dev/hda8  /      ext2  default 1  1
/dev/hda5  /boot  ext2  default 1  2
/dev/hda6  /home  ext2  default 1  2
/dev/hda7  /usr   ext2  default 1  2

User disk quotas :
/dev/hda6  /home  ext2  default usrquota 1  2

Group disk quotas :
/dev/hda6  /home  ext2  default grpquota 1  2

User & Group quotas :
/dev/hda6  /home  ext2  default usrquota, grpquota 1  2

remount :
mount -o remount /home

Quota check files :
quotacheck -arug

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