MikroTik RouterOS Winbox Installation

MikroTik RouterOS using Winbox
Winbox is application used to remotely and to configure Mikrotik RouterOS. RouterOS configuration would be easier to use winbox rather than using the command line. But Winbox is only available for the Windows platform with the extension *.exe, so by default Winbox can not running on platform GNU/Linux

Remote RouterOS on Windows using Winbox is a natural thing to do, to simply type the ip address from server mikrotik winbox We also can already be downloaded from the server mikrotik. It is not commonly done by a novice user RouterOS is what if we use the platform GNU / Linux like Ubuntu

Output Details
Output – Type this command in Command Prompt “wine winbox.exe

Winbox Installation
Update System
sudo apt-get update

Wine Installation
sudo apt-get install wine

Download and run Winbox
wget http://www.mikrotik.com/download/winbox.exe

Run this Command in Command Prompt
wine winbox.exe



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