Installation Kickstart Server

Basic Steps Before Installing Kickstart Server
Installation of DHCP Server
yum install dhcp* -y

Create RHEL DVD image in /var/ftp/pub

Installation of Kickstart Packages
Yum install system-config-kickstart* -y

Installation of NFS Packages
yum install nfs* -y

After kickstart Installation is Completed Run Kickstart from Termnal

Kickstart Configuration
Basic Configuration0001

Installation Methodkickstart_installation_method

Boot Loader Optionsks5

Partition Informationkickstart_partition_information.png

Network Configurationkickstart_network_configuration


Firewall Configurationkickstart_firewall_configuration

Display configurationkickstart_display_configuration

Package Selectionkickstart_package_selection

Pre-Installation Scriptkickstart_pre_installation_script

Post-Installation Scriptkickstart_post_installation_script

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