Debian 6 Installation

Debian 6
Debian GNU/Linux version 6.0 has been released after 24 months of constant development and available for download in various media format. Debian 6.0 is a free operating system, coming for the first time in two flavours. Alongside Debian GNU/Linux, Debian GNU/kFreeBSD is introduced with this version as a “technology preview”. It also supports various processor architectures and includes the KDE, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE and other desktop environments. It also features compatibility with the FHS v2.3 and software developed for version 3.2 of the LSB.

KDE Plasma Workspaces and KDE Applications version 4.4.5
an updated version of the GNOME desktop environment version 2.30
the Xfce version 4.6 desktop environment
LXDE version 0.5.0
X.Org version 7.5 version 3.2.1
GIMP version 2.6.11
Iceweasel version 3.5.16 (an unbranded version of Mozilla Firefox)
Icedove version 3.0.11 (an unbranded version of Mozilla Thunderbird)
PostgreSQL version 8.4.6
MySQL version 5.1.49
GNU Compiler Collection version 4.4.5
Linux kernel version 2.6.32
Apache web server version 2.2.16
Samba file and print server version 3.5.6
Python version 2.6.6, 2.5.5 and 3.1.3
Perl version 5.10.1
PHP version 5.3.3
Asterisk version
Nagios version 3.2.3
Xen Hypervisor 4.0.1 (dom0 as well as domU support)
OpenJDK version 6b18
Tomcat version 6.0.18

System Requirements
Choose 64 bit version to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture.
Processor – Intel/AMD
RAM – 256MB (Minimum)
RAM – 1GB (Maximum)
Hard Drive – 10GB

64 Bit ISO

64 Bit Torrent

32 Bit ISO

32 Bit Torrent

Debian 6 Installation
Installation Of Debian 6


Choose Language


Choose your Location


Choose Keyboard Layout

9-10-2011 12-55-18 AM

Detecting Hardware

9-10-2011 12-55-38 AM.png

Configure the Network

9-10-2011 12-58-06 AM

Domain Name

9-10-2011 12-58-28 AM.png

Username of Account

9-10-2011 1-00-39 AM

Setup Users & Passwords

9-10-2011 12-59-37 AM.png

Configuring Clock

9-10-2011 1-01-38 AM.png

Partition Disks (Use Entire Disk )

9-10-2011 1-03-42 AM.png

Select Disk Partition

9-10-2011 1-04-09 AM

Partition Scheme

9-10-2011 1-04-37 AM

Creating New Partition (Guided Partition)

9-10-2011 1-04-57 AM

Finish Partition

9-10-2011 1-05-50 AM.png

Write Changes to Disk

9-10-2011 1-06-26 AM.png

Creating File System Ext3

9-10-2011 1-06-47 AM

Install Base System

9-10-2011 1-07-57 AM

Http Proxy Information

9-7-2011 6-46-11 PM

Select & Install Software

9-7-2011 8-09-05 PM

Install Grub Loader

9-8-2011 1-47-55 AM

Running Grub Boot Loader

9-8-2011 1-48-27 AM

Installation is Completed

9-8-2011 1-49-08 AM

Debian 6 Screen





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