Kubuntu 13.04 Installation

Kubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)
Welcome to Kubuntu 13.04, a brand new version with the latest KDE software to enjoy. Highlights: the current release of KDE’s Plasma Workspaces and Applications 4.10 adds a new screen locker, Qt Quick notifications, colour correction in Gwenview and faster indexing in the semantic desktop; new version of the Muon Suite for application install and upgrades; version 2 of our Reconq web browser adds a bunch of new features, such as inline spell check, new incognito mode, pinning tabs, improved error page and simplified Rekonq pages; Homerun – a full screen alternative to the Kickoff application menu; a new screen management tool.

Improved Plasma Workspaces layout, performance, etc.
a new Air theme
“Get Hot New Stuff” has been integrated into KWin. You can use this to get additional scripts and effects via the KWin configuration dialog;
new KDE appmenu (not enabled by default, see HERE how to activate it in Kubuntu) which brings options to display the menu as a menubar on top of the screen (with autohide) or as a button in the window decoration
new screen locker
Dolphin has gained MTP support, making it easier to transfer files from mobile devices, configurable panel icon size, Activity manager support along with other improvements and enhancements
Gwenview has received Activity manager and color correction support along with improved thumbnail handling, the importer now works recursively and more
Kopete gained a real “Do Not Disturb” mode which disables all notifications (visual and sound)

System Requirments
Processor – Better than 1 GHz (x86)
Memory – 1 GB
Hard Drive – 10GB
Video card – VGA(1024×768)

64 Bit ISO

64 Bit Torrent

32 Bit ISO

32 Bit Torrent

Kubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Installation
nstallation Of Kubuntu 13.04


Base System


Choose Language


Preparing to Install


Installation Type


Write Changes to Disk


Select Time Zone


Select Keyboard Layout


Creating Username & Password


Installation Process


Installation is Completed





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