Configuring Rackspace

Configuring Rackspace
The Rackspace within Racktables shows the locations with the rows and racks, these will hold the objects that you add to Racktables. You can setup multiple locations with different row numbers or names assigned to each. After the initial install of Racktables this section will be empty

Select Rackspace from the Main page


Adding a Location
Select Manage locations, type the name of the location you wish to add and then click the grey box to save this location. Repeat this as needed to add all the locations. The location will not appear on the Rackspace page until a Row is added to it.

Adding a Row
Select Manage rows, from the drop down box select the location, then enter the name or number for the row and then click the grey box to save the row.

This will now appear in the Rackspace main page. Repeat the above until you have the correct number of rows that are required.


Adding information to the Location
Select Rackspace and the browse tab, on here you will be able to see the locations that you have added. Click on the Location Name that you entered, here you are able to add a contact person for the location and also any releveant tags i.e. company. Click the hard disk button to save you entry. Tags applied at this level will apply to locations of the same name.

Adding Location Tags
If you have already set up your location tags, you can now add them to the required locations. The best way to do this is to add them to the Row, as if you place a tag for the Location then it will apply to all rows under that location.

Select Rackspace and then click on the required Row, click the Tag Roller tab and click the file symbol next to tags. From the drop down select the appropriate tag, answer the control question and click Go! This tag will now apply to all Racks that are added to this Row.


Adding Racks
In the Rackspace section click on the Row that you want to add racks too, click the add new rack tab and the “rack” will appear. Add the name, height and asset tag (if needed). You can also add relevant tags to the entire rack, these will apply to all object within the Rack. Once the information is entered click the page button to save, you can add multiple racks simply by repeating these steps.

If you need to change the order of your racks click the manage racks tab and drag the racks so that they are in the correct order. Click on the word “Rackspace” along the top and you will have a view of the racks that you have added.


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