Adding a Switch

Adding a Switch
Add the switch first, as this allows you to use the ports that you add when you start to add other objects, this enables you to accurately track how many ports are in use.

add switch.png

Select Network Switch from the drop down list. Type in the Common name and Visible Label, now click Go to save the switch. Click the browse tab and your switch should now be there.

switch added.png

Switch is currently Unmounted. Click the switch name, fill in the required properties and click the disk to save. Click the Ports tab and add the correct number of ports by typing the port name and clicking the plus icon to add it. Click the IP tab and add the port in use plus the IP address, it should show the network that you have previously added.

Click the Rackspace tab, on the left hand side you will see the Racks that are available. Select the rack you want to use, and on the left hand side remove the ticks from the slot where the switch is located, then click the Save button in the centre of the page.

switch added1.png

Click Main Page along the top, then click Rackspace. You will see that your rack now has a dark green bar where your switch is, if you click the rack then it will show you the switch.

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