How to Block Search Winbox Mikrotik

How to Block Search Winbox Mikrotik 
Mikrotik Winbox can search  & find Mikrotik devices connected to a network PC Laptop us. With this feature we can know Winbox Mac Address, IP Address, Identisa Mikrotik, RouterOS version, and its type RouterBOARD.

Winbox unblock

Blocking Search Winbox Mikrotik
Download Winbox Mikrotik
Login Mikrotik via Winbox
Go to the menu Tools
MAC Server
MAC Ping Server
Uncheck the MAC Ping Server EnabledMAC ping Server

Winbox Go to Interface tab
Click on “all”
Click on the cross to disable MAC Server Winbox Interface

Enter the IP Menu
Click On Neighbors
Here the interface is connected to other devices will appearIP Neighbors

Interfaces in Discovery Tab
Select the interface which will be blocking search Winbox
Click the sign of the crossDiscovery Disabled

Now Open Winbox try again and try to do a search.
Mikrotik Winbox will not be foundWinbox Blocked

Block search via MAC Address Mikrotik login. So just be able to log in using Winbox IP Address only. If you still want to be able to login via MAC Address, steps 3 and 4 above can be bypassed.

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