Configuring IPv4 Space

Configuring IPv4 Space
By adding IP address ranges to RackTables you are able to assign objects IP addresses, see what objects are assigned to which IP address and see how many IP address within a range are used. The IPv4 Space will show what IP ranges are being used on which networks, as you set the tag for the network and the range so are able to create a logical label. If you then click on the IP address you will see which objects are assigned to which addresses including the port that it is assigned to within RackTables. It is also possible to use this for VLANS as well as physical networks.


Adding a Network
In IPv4 Space click add, enter the prefix – this is the network ip address range, enter the name, and select the vlan if required. Click the page icon to save. Repeat these steps as required.Click Browse and you will be able to see the networks that you have added.


Editing a Network
To edit the network go to IPv4 Space and click on the IP address for the network that you want to edit then Click the properties tab to change the name, click the disk to save. Click the 802.1q tab, change the Vlan name or click the scissor icon to remove the Vlan status for the network.

Deleting a Network
Click on IPv4 Space, click delete and press the bin symbol to delete the network. No IP addresses can be assigned for you to be able to delete the network, so all objects on that network must be edited or removed first

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