Copy MySQL Database to New Database


Dump Old-db
mysqldump –compress -u user -pPassword -h –skip-quote-names –databases olddb > olddb.dump

Dump Stored Procedures  
mysqldump –compress -u user -pPassword -h –routines –no-create-info –no-data –no-create-db –skip-opt olddb  > olddb_routines.dump

Create New User & Permissions  
CREATE USER ‘newuser’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘newPAssword’;
GRANT ALL ON newdb.* TO ‘newuser’@’%’;

Replace Both Dumps olddb(newdb), olduser(newuser)
perl -p -i.bak -e “s/DEFINER=`\w.`@`\d[0-3].[0-3]`//g” olddb_routines.dump

Create New db
cp olddb.dump olddb.sql
cp olddb_routines.dump olddb_routines_routines.sql

mysql -u user -pPassword -h < olddb.sql
mysql -u user -pPassword -h < olddb_routines_routines.sql

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