Web Control Panels Information

Web Control Panels
A control panel, in web hosting, is a web-based interface provided by the hosting company that allows customers to manage their various hosted services in a single place.

A control panel is the administration portion of your webhosting account. It is an interface that you access to administer all the aspects of your account. You can typically control all portions of your site within the control panel without using any additional software including FTP software to upload files, though many people find it faster and easier to do so.


Access to server logs.
Details of available and used webspace and bandwidth.
Email account configuration.
Maintaining FTP users’ accounts.
Managing database.
Visitor statistics using web log analysis software.
Web-based file manager.

Control Panel Basics
Bandwidth usage for the month
Disk space usage
Hosting package
Path to Perl
Path to Sendmail
IP Address
Version identification
Quantity of: MySQL databases, FTP accounts, Add on domains, Email accounts, Mailing lists & Parked domain

File Management
Create new folders/directories
Create new files
Move, copy and delete files and folders
Upload and download files
Change permissions

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