Updating Object Properties

Updating Object Properties
Racktables main page, select Objects. You will see a list of all the Objects that are currently entered in Racktables.


General information on Hardware, Operating system and support expiry date. To save information click the hard disk icon.

Manually entered notes for the object.

To save information click the page icon.

The currently location of the object within the rack.

To move the object untick the boxes on the left hand side, select the rack from the right hand side and then tick the boxes on the left hand side to show the location in the rack.

To save the new location click the save button in the centre of the screen.

This shows the physical ports on the object, including any linked ports.

To add a port, type the port name, select the interface and press the plus symbol.

To delete a port, click the minus symbol next to the port name, the port is instantly removed.

To link a port, click the spade icon next to the port, select the port from the pop up box. click Link at the bottom of the pop up box to save.

To unlink a port, click the scissors icon under the Link or Unlink port for the port you want to unlink.

This shows the port that is currently in use, the IP address that is currently assigned and the network that the IP address belongs to.

See Assigning IP addresses to objects for details

Documents any NAT translation services that are in use.

Select the Object IP address from the drop down, type in the port number, then select the target IP address and port number, click the plus icon to save.

This identities what tags are currently applied to the object. If you need to add a new tag to the tags menu, you need to go to Configuration on the main page.

To add a tag to an object, tick the box next to the tag name and click the hard disk icon to save.

To remove a tag from an object, untick the box next to the tag name and click the hard drive icon to save.

To remove all tags click the broom icon and all tags will instantly be removed.

Files can be attached to an object in Racktables, and will appear under the files tab. Files can also be added under the Files section of the main page, a file can be linked to multiple objects.

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