NAS Compatibility

NAS Compatibility
Mikrotik 2.8
Use final releases only, RC versions are not recommended. The supported main  features  are:  PPPoE,  PPtP,  L2tP,  Hotspot  and  Wireless Access  List  authentication  and accounting.

running  on  Linux  or  on  a  DD-WRT  device.  You  can  download  the  tested  Linux version from our download portal.

StarOS v2 or v3 server
Supported features: full PPPoE and partial RADIUS Wireless Access List support.

Cisco  NAS
Correct  IOS  version  is  required.  VPDN,  BBA  GROUP  and  Virtual  template support is necessary to accept RADIUS authenticated PPPoE, PPtP and L2tP calls.

Hotspot server.

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