Radius Manager Configuring User Panel

User Login Page – (http://Ip-Address/radiusmanager/user.php)


User Control Panelhttps://i2.wp.com/www.dmasoftlab.com/cont/images/screenshots/ucp.gif

Traffic Reporttraffic.png

List InvoicesList

Change Passwordpassword


Redeem Voucherdetails

Purchase CreditsPurchase




Change Serviceservice


Radius Manager Key Features

Radius Manager Key Features
WEB Interface
Easy to use and always available multi lingual WEB interface.

Fully Separated Code & Design
You can easily customize the GUI to fit your needs.

100% Compatible with FreeRadius & Mikrotik Router OS v 2.7 and Newer.

MySQL Database Integration
Utilizes a free MySQL database engine which is a part of every Linux distribution.

Account Management
All operations are realizable using the WEB GUI.

Control multiple NAS and CMTS devices and DOCSIS compliant cable modems.

Traffic Statistics
You can easily track the user’s traffic on a yearly, monthly and daily basis.

Users Control Panel
Users can track their traffic, used and remaining MegaBytes, online time, they can change their RADIUS and Linux password, purchase credits online etc.

Online Users List
Detailed list of the connected users.

Find Users Easily
Search the database by various criterias.

Payment Tracking
Users and resellers can track the payments and generate reports.

IP Connection Tracking
CTS module logs the source and destination IP addresses, ports, the used protocol, date and time.

You can group the accounts using freely definable services and user groups.

Clear Design
Clear and logical design helps You to control thousands of accounts easily.

Docsis Support

DOCSIS Support
Radius Manager DOCSIS version is capable of controlling DOCSIS compliant CMTS and cable modem based networks.
The system is DHCP based. Automatically manages the DHCP server records (CPE and CM entries). The supported Docsis Functions are as follows Below

Fully WEB based account and service management
Detailed overview of registered cable modems
Multiple CMTS support
Controlling the data rate of each CM via regular services
Account expiry control; automatically disables the expired accounts
Support for postpaid and prepaid billing plans
Connection Tracking System (CTS) support for cable users

Please note a DHCP based DOCSIS system has no accounting data available like RADIUS systems, so there is no support for traffic and online time based services. The automatic disconnection of expired accounts (date) function is available for prepaid flat accounts.

The DOCSIS cable modem TFTP boot file is generated automatically. The administrator defines a cable service like regular RADIUS service. The data rate can be entered directly in the WEB form. The system uses a predefined DOCSIS TFTP boot file template for generating the boot file which is customizable globally or per service.